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November 2014 Chapter Meeting PDF Print E-mail

What Every Investor should know about the Federal Reserve.


Presented By: Kelly Hunter Markson, Economics Ph. D. and Professor of Business Administration


Saturday, November 8th at 10:00 AM.  $5 at the door.  No Advanced Reservations


This program will provide information on the Federal Reserve Bank System, its history, structure and mechanisms. As the old saying goes, if you want to know what’s going with the nations finances, see what the banks are doing. The Feds data, reports and financial indicators will be discussed which gives an indication on when to increase or decrease market exposure.

Attend this meeting and learn

  • What data the FED complies and how to find and interpret this data

  • Indicators on when to increase or decrease your market exposure

  • How foreign national banks influence the US market.

  • How the role of the Fed has changed over time.


About Our Speaker:

Kelly Hunter Markson is a Professor of Business Administration at Wake Tech in Raleigh, where she teaches economics.  A graduate of Hamilton College, Dr. Markson earned a Master’s degree in economics from Syracuse University, and a Ph.D. in economics from North Carolina State University.  She is passionate about teaching economic concepts and challenging students’ preconceived notions about the world.  In 2013, she earned an Excellence in Teaching Economics award from The John William Pope Center, and in 2014, she was awarded Instructor of the Year at Wake Tech.  She lives in Cary, North Carolina with her husband and two children.

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Meeting Places PDF Print E-mail
Kirk of Kildaire

Kirk of Kildaire Church, 200 High Meadow Dr Cary NC 27511
-- off Kildaire Farm Rd between Cary Parkway & Maynard Rd.

Monthly Meeting -2nd Saturday 10:00 AM - Kirk of Kildaire - $5 per person for everyone

Income Investing Group - 1st Saturday 9:30 AM - Panera Bread - No charge

Portfolio Management Group - 3nd Saturday 9:30 AM - Panera Bread - No charge

Options Group - 4th Saturday 9:30 AM - Panera Bread - No Charge

Best check this web site for any late-breaking changes or responses to weather events. Better still: join our email notify to which we send meeting reminders and any last minute changes on schedule or location (occasionally the room is pre-empted by the church).

Kirk of Kildaire
, 200 High Meadow Dr, http://www.kirkofkildaire.org/gen/whereiskirk.htm, a westward turn off Kildaire Farm Road, on the stretch between SE Maynard Road north of High Meadow Dr and SE Cary Parkway south of it. Choosing a route depends on your knowledge of the layout of Cary. For those coming from US 1, the simplest route is via SE Cary Parkway. For a map: http://maps.google.com/ and search for 200 High Meadow Dr Cary NC.

Panera Bread, 7840 Alexander Promenade Place, across from Brier Creek Mall in West Raleigh, http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/25/1422214/restaurant/Brier-Creek/Panera-Bread-Raleigh.  (From I-540, exit at US 70 West (toward Durham).  Get in the far right lane.  At the traffic light, Brier Creek Parkway, turn right.  Go about 50 yards and turn right into the shopping center. Turn left before very first set of stores, go to the end.  Panera Bread is on the right at the end of the bay of stores.)

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